Creating a feeder page

Creating a feeder page can be a very effective method to spread the details of your company or products. First it should not just be a copy of existing information, (Google will know). It is well known that a good quality link can be help boost the home website Page Rankings. This link should be totally separate from your existing sites. Each of the following require effort but can increase the chances of being found, and they are free.

Squidoo, not any more.

My favourite used to be Squidoo. I have been a member for a number of years and have created more than 80, on a wide range of topics. In the last few days, a Lens which would help people set-up and use the modules on Squidoo was deleted, even after I tried to contact them. Strange, you would think they would appreciate all the work that had been there for a number of years and updated. So be careful, you will never know when you could just disappear.

Other Resources

Another well known source is which is owned by Google. A very popular resource for operating a Blog.

Other recommended sites are  Drachsi on Hubpages and , my free page is at Drachsi. There are many more. There are some additional resources to help spread the word Business Networking on this site.

Use Disqus

Using Disqus can help help with creating a discussion about your interests and posting, See below.