How search works

Ever wondered how search works? If you are a business owner with a website, you might know little about how your favourite search engine works. As a web designer or marketeer, it is important you have some basic  understanding how a search engine works, so that you can ensure the website has current sitemaps in a range of formats, each page has a unique title, description and keywords, and the content and images are formatted correctly. Then use is made of tools that tell Google and Bing about your website address, where to find the sitemaps which list the site contents. Then you sit and hope. Naturally you can boost the possible results by using a wide range of tools and techniques.

Now Google explains

Google has produced a very important and useful article called “How search works The Story” This explains in great detail what you never knew about Google, with graphs and a range of other important information.

Use the wide range of additional tools provided by Google to maintain your website. There are many companies offering search engine optimisation services, but you pay for what you get. Forget the automated solutions. I provide an individual service to a small number of companies, which covers a very wide range of SEO and marketing. Request further details.

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