Taking care of your Website

Any business website has to have an acceptable return on investment. If a website has been active for more than 6 months, trends have started to show. A business owner or senior manager usually has other things to think about, delegation of all aspects of a site is normal. If questions have to be asked, what questions? Knowledge of the operation of a website, and what should and could be done to improve visitor numbers could be helped by a detailed Web Audit Report.

Money back guarantee web audit report

That’s always a good sign that a company stands by it’s report with a money back guarantee. A detailed report that anybody can understand, and use as a guide to do it themselves, pass onto their web design agency or question company management. Provides a list of great questions and solutions.

The new symbol of quality

Symbol for a quality Website Audit

SEOclinic is a young website, but the people behind the idea are not. Experience, knowledge and passion are what you would expect, but from people over the age of 50? This is where experience really does matter, combining life knowledge with new technology provides the perfect balance.

If you care about the performance of your website, or just want to know what is going on, this could the solution for you. The guide to asking the right questions.