Corel customer support

You know how it is, you see a product or service which meets you requirements, and you purchase. Maybe after a while there is the need to contact support. For most situations this works ok. But not with Corel, the Canadian software company. I can access my customer profile, see the address details, and which products I have just purchased and serial numbers. The PIN number is also shown, so no problem then? Yes there is a problem. I rate this as my worst customer support I have ever had. Corel customer support is how not to do it. This is what happened.

Logging to my Account was the first step. Clicking on “Registered Products” shows the product and serial number. Under “Your Order Status & History” is “See all orders”. As I had purchase the product direct from Corel the last two orders where listed. Now I have all the information time to ask for support. The product purchase provides for 90 days support from date of purchase.

Requesting Corel Support

On the main menu is “Support” Clicking the “Get Answers” opens a form which builds a record of the Product and offers some answers. As there was no solution,I clicked on “Contact Support” which opens a support page. Clicking on “Contact Technical Support” which open a simple form. After completion this offers more solutions, which still did not help, so clicked on “Step 3” continue. This is where it gets interesting. As I am covered by the 90 day warranty I selected the continue button.

Enter Support Code

A message shows Warranty support: your free support code was delivered in a product registration email. Unfortunately this was removed from the email server, and apparently this is the only time it is available. Still as my PIN number has 9 digits and the order number has 9 digits, one of those will work? Wrong.

Ok now off to the Customer support page to get a phone number. The first is recorded message stating I should press number one for Technical Support. The next message stated Technical Support no longer provided by phone, I should request support at the Corel website, Just gone full circle.  Then I searched on Google and found the UK office number, just a switch board, all that the operator could do was to connect me to the Technical Support Department, yes, you guess it was the same original recorded message.

Most Customers would give up.

Maybe, but not me. So let’s ask in the Forum. Registered, which was easy, and posted my problem. Very quickly got a reply that this was not a Corel Forum, more a Corel User to User Web Board. Even though Corel lists the Forum on their site, and there is a Corel Store, it is not managed by Corel.

Badly designed customer support and no way to contact the company about a product unless you have already purchased and recorded the code which is supposed to be in the email. Corel should remember that the “Customer is King” This post is about the support provided and is not making any comment on the products.

Hopefully Your Business website support functions better.

The competition is fierce for new business, so you would think an established company would be aware of the problems customers have at obtaining support. Success and failure will be measured by the level of customer support provide, as more products and services enter the marketplace. A company should also be aware that customers and potential customers now have the power to voice their displeasure using Blogs, Twitter, Facebook etc. Don’t let this happen to your company. A website review or an independent audit is possibly the first step you should make.