My website customer check, I despair

Who cares about your website?

Firstly the potential customer. What we are talking about are business websites. For the last few days we have being searching and looking at business websites, from large national brands to the small business website. Many have problems which will affect what a potential customer visits.

Many websites are designed by highly creative people and look great, it is only when a little more time is spent studying the site that the problems start to show. The average business owner is not aware of problems that affect customer decisions, that is the responsibility of the designer, wrong, everybody concerned with ownership and design should be interested.

Companies spend hundreds or thousands for a nice looking website, naturally a responsive site so that it shows correctly on a computer, Smartphone, Tablet with all the popular browsers. Are you certain yours meets the standards?

With a website comes responsibilities

Who is responsible for the website, internal or external. it matters which. Internal is the cheapest and easiest to monitor, but experience and some knowledge are required. External comes at a cost, but how do you know if it is worth the money and if the work is up to standard? There are legal requirements to meet UK and EU Laws, does not matter if you don’t sell to Europe, if the site can be seen in Europe, America, anywhere, you have to meet their laws on security, disclaimers and data protection, etc.

We will check you out

We use PayPal for all payments, this is good for you and good for us. The cost is £20 or the equivalent in other currencies. We do not make the changes required in the report we send. If we find nothing that needs changing or modify, we will return £10 or equivalent to your account less any PayPal charges. So is it worth £10 to you or not?