Energy Efficiency

As part of our efforts to reduce the amount of electricity used, we purchased a new fridge/freezer. The room is a normally cool summer and winter, the old unit was 15 years old, but still just working.  The new unit had a good energy efficiency at A++, except that the room temperature had to be 16C, which I did not know for about for 2 weeks, normally the room is 10C. There seems to be a European norm called the SN-T. The advice from the manufacturer was to put heating in the room so it warmed up to about 16C, then it would work. It makes you wonder how they can sell products with that sort of advice.

What the unit used per year was calculated at about 260Kw, heating the room used that in 12 days. So an attempt for more energy efficiency in fact turned out a complete waste of time and money. The company that supplied the unit took it back, with only a carriage charge made and a refund. Seems if you want to have a freezer in a cellar or in a garage, you are out of luck nowadays.

Replacing new with old has risks

If something breaks and is not repairable, then purchasing a new product is necessary. But why scrap something just because it is not the latest version, or the new product has even more features which are possibly never used. A classic is the iPhone, a product so advance, but in 18 months often sold on for a few dollars, if it still working. I wonder why we are so wasteful as human beings?