How many websites are there?

There has been a lot of talk this last 6 months on how many websites are there. It can now be confirmed there are more than a billion, meaning a thousand million. It is also agreed that nearly 85% of these web address are not actually in use, just reserved and parked, maybe hoping for a buyer, with one new web url being added every second. Of the rest, about 150 million can be found.

How many websites are there?

It does not stop there, having a website does not mean they can be found easily and when found, perform as the modern visitor expects. If a business is listed in the top 500 of Alexa you have no problems.

Don’t spend too much time of trying get a web address into the top pages for a search term. The numbers, technology and finance are against the average company.

What can you do?

First step is to decide how the current business website is operating. Many owners have never took time to view their own website in the last few months if ever, so this would be the first step. From then on it depends on what is found. We can provide a wide range of support, you just have to ask, do it now.

Some questions

  • Do we have a website?
  • Who is responsible?
  • How many sales do we get from our site?
  • How many visitors a week/ monthly do we get?
  • What is the monthly budget if any?
  • When was it last updated?

Most companies do not value their website and have no plans to spend money on something which is not understood, are you one of them?

We are please to provide a link to the latest trends and data from a highly respected source. October 2016