Microsoft Outlook

If you work for a company, you could already have a business email address. As a private person you may already have a Yahoo or Gmail account. But there are times when having another email, unknown to the spammers, family and business associates can be very useful. The new Microsoft Outlook has many advanced features.

Additional Email Addresses

Outlook is the new email service from Microsoft, and should be considered a major step forward for an independent email address which has high levels of security. Based on the format of Windows 8, it contains your “Email” account, a personal “Calendar”, a “People” account where you can import your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, email addresses, and an online store facility called “Skydrive” for documents, images and a public section. Use the Apps to access from your smartphone. You can also set up Skydrive to provide access to your PC from anywhere, great if you are a traveler. Set up a profile for each account you open. Great for conducting market research and analysis.

Business and Private

Owning a business and private email addresses is considered normal. Companies often do not allow access to private or non company email addresses, but is access from your browser.