Drachsi  Logo and Update

Finally after a very busy few months, the planned update to the Drachsi Logo and website are under way, A new Logo and a new message are part of the update.

New Drachsi Logo and Web Banner

What can you say in a one short sentence that summarises what is Drachsi. In the end finished up with ” One stop solution for website maintenance and support”

For owners of an existing website there can be a problem when small changes are required. Marketing companies or Web Design companies need a budget to justify their work. Half an hour per week or month is not going to interest them. Finding somebody that specialises in this niche are can take time, So finely you have found us, the name is Drachsi.

We ask these questions all the time and they form the basis of the work we do. You can easily add your question in the contact form


  • When did you last receive a phone call from somebody that found your business online?
  • When was the last time you received an enquiry email from your website?
  • Do you know how many people visit your site weekly, monthly?


We don’t design websites, and there is a limit to the type of work we feel competent in working on. You will always get an honest answer and price, all you have to do is make contact.