Proofreading Documents is important

If your website is targeting the UK customer from anywhere in the world, you need to ensure that spelling and colloquialisms are correct. Most English language websites are American, but the results of using the wrong spelling or a term which is not understood, can have an major impact on visitor actions. The Internet was basically American English, but that is no excuse for using Color, when in the UK it is spelt Colour. Many “s” in UK English are replaced with a “z” in American English. But there is much more than spelling, websites and the Internet when considering a proofreading service.

UK Proofreading Service

This post has not been checked professionally, it’s just my way of writing. It is nice to locate a source that will proofread any document or webpage to the highest UK English standards. You know how it is, you have created a document and have checked it for spelling mistakes and it looks good. If that document was important enough to be written, then it should be evaluated so that the results are what is expected. This could be a webpage, a letter of introduction, a marketing plan, maybe your CV, if it is important, get it proofread by an experienced proofreading service.