Learning from Customers

Many business websites can learn a great deal about their existing customers and from visitors, by conducting a small business survey. If the survey is short and simple and the results can be quickly viewed by the customer, you are more likely to get people taking part. If the survey can be completed within a few seconds the rewards to the company can be significant.

Small Business Survey

If you have 2 seconds, you can take the simple survey in the menu bar and see the results. Might also help you understand why some business people do certain things, on certain days.

If you are a business person, when do you use the Internet?
Only at the week-ends, I'm always busy with my company
I use the Internet Monday to Friday. during working hours
Anytime I need information
I don't use the Internet for business
I am involved with the Internet
View Result

After voting, the results are  automatically displayed. The results might look like this graphic, only time will tell.

Small Business owners use the web on these days