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The major search provider is being very helping to all new companies and individuals that have started to use the Internet, with two free guides from Google. With more than 30 trillion webpages, there is much to get right, if Google and Bing are to successfully find and index your creation. When you type into a search engine the information you are require, this text is matched against the information held on file, and the best matches are the returned with the best possible match. Very few people bother to go through the search results supplied any lower than the first five pages. So the idea is that everything should be done to prepare a webpage or Blog, to a search engine standard. There is much more, but these pdf files are a very good place to start.

Existing website owners

Read the free guides from Google and use the information to check your site is meeting the minimum indexing requirements, or I can do it for you. A recent check of a professionally designed website landing page, showed that just about everything that should have been, had not. If you want to be successful, then you have to follow and play by the rules.

Download the Guides

First steps cheat sheet   and   Google SEO Starter Guide