Updating is not easy

SSL Secure Sockets CertificateFor the majority of small companies updating SSL  from http to https does not mean anything, its for the techies. But it could play a very important roll in making a website secure and trustworthy. There is also the small point that it is a legal requirement that every company protects its data. See the legal requirements you should know about

What is SSL

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer and is an encryption method used to protect data, and is now the new standard for business websites.

SSL Certificate

Changing to https would comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation making the protection of personal data a priority, in the UK, the European Union, and Worldwide. This is a legal requirement for every company, including yours.

The second reason was to ensure the latest recommendations from Google were met. A website that stores information, must protect this data and it is a UK and European legal requirement these are protected as best as possible. Using SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) or commonly known as https in a website address can help meet this requirement.

Where to start?

The hosting company can often provide all the details and make the necessary changes. The SSL certificate is normally allocated for 12 months and will be activated by the hosting company. Cost is around the £20 or $30 mark per website.


Important but very often forgotten. There are many free and paid for services that provide a suitable sitemap for any website. A sitemap is important because this is what a search robot accesses to locate all of the information within a site for indexing. There are a number of different types, but the .xml version is possibly the most important. This should be updated every time the website is updated. We offer a http and https sitemap creation service. Want to know more? see our article on SSL certificates.

.htaccess and robots files

The mystery files in most websites. Make any changes carefully after making certain a backup exists.


Having a number of backups of the site is vital to enable the site to be re-installed or transferred to another hosting company. A simple method for html files is to use ftp and copy everything onto you secure computer. Remember to also make a backup of the database using services provided by your hosting company. More than 2 million websites now use WordPress and there is an excellent Plugin that can automate the process.