Too much to do, not enough time

There are many free website tools to help just about anybody analyse a website, but there is much more than just numbers or possible solutions. And it is not a do it once and forget job. There is no guarantee that your efforts will result in placement in the top ten on a search results page. Consider the on-page and off-page steps to be taken and then decide if you have the time and knowledge to “Do it Yourself”

Don’t forget Promotion

Promotion should form part of any SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation) which is more than one page on a website, but all the pages, images, videos, pdf’s and external information all linking together in a single integrated structure. In the smaller company this is often overlooked, but the results are often vital to company survival. For the larger company there is much more to consider. If you like the idea of a successful website and want to do it yourself, this asset or liability article is worth reading. Then if you need help, come back and lets see if we can work together on your plans. Local Internet marketing for small websites could obtained from Northampton Marketing, they love small companies.