All you need is time

There is never enough time.

If you are a busy business owner you will know that there is never enough time in the day to do all the things that need to get done. Delegation can be a problem for the very small business usually combined with limited financial resources. It is also true that if you don’t do something you will fail.

With Hindsight

You know that you can look back things that went wrong and wondered why you did not see the problem, sometimes it goes right and you would like to repeat the process. There is now a possible solution to the age old problem, it is called the premortem.

Premortem, what is that?

Invented by psychologists Gary Klein and Daniel Kahneman it imagines that you are in the future and your current project has collapsed into absolute failure. Klein writes, “In the fantasy world of the premortem, everything went as badly as you could have feared, Now: Why?” As this is a hypothetical question, there is no pressure on anybody to feel guilty. This is sometimes called Prospective Hindsight. Predicting the future outcome of a project can improve the results by up to 30%.

This information was taken from the Guardian Weekly 30th May 2014 issue and is an idea that might be useful to any company. If you need more help with this subject or any type of website support, please use this form to make contact Predicting Worse-Case scenarios is a management function, but everybody can do, and could save a lot of time and money.