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To all business owners and managers.

This page might not be interesting unless you use the Internet, but it could save you a lot of money, increase customer numbers and solve outstanding problems. Please take a minute out of your busy life to read and consider the Webmaster possibilities. Thanks for your visit.

Every website requires a person responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. Sometimes the website creating agency is tasked with providing support on a monthly basis. In many cases this does not happen. A Webmaster or website manager can operate on a fix or variable price and is now considered vital to a companies profits.

Why?, because with most people now using the Internet to search for information or suppliers, if you company does not get found or fails to provide the information, they are off to a competitor. When was the last time you took time to view a major company asset like the business website?

What is a webmaster?

There are many methods used to create a typical website. The problems start one or two years later when design staff change, business needs change, and the site is not working as expected. Most Design Agencies would like to do a redesign or add many new features, they normally are not interested in providing low level support and maintenance services. If your existing website is based on WordPress or standard html, then I could be the solution you are seeking. There is so much more than just owning a website. Nowadays an “Integrated Internet Infrastructure” needs to be created.

Webmaster Responsibilities


The image shows many of the different aspects of a modern website support configuration. The big problem is limited time and knowledge of current trends and opportunities. Employing a full time person to look after a small company web is not practicable, larger companies often employ a Webmaster or in many cases use the original design agency.

  • When did you received an enquiry email from your website?
  • When did you last receive a phone call that found you on-line?
  • Have you ever made a sale that started from your website?
  • How many visitors do you get, daily, weekly, monthly? 
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But if you only need one to two hours per week to maintain you Internet presence, then you need to consider a Virtual Webmaster. We work with many web design agencies to take care of all the small jobs.

Still confused? Send us details of your problem and we will try to provide a clear answer, no obligation and no spamming.

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Been to your website lately?
Been to your website lately?
Been to your website lately?