Mystery Shopper for Websites

Do you really know your website?

As an owner of an existing on-line website, you will understand the benefits of maintaining and promoting your site. There are many companies offering brand marketing, website promotion, search engine optimisation etc. We offer a Mystery Shopper service.

Checking the website is often done in-house by a member of staff, a Webmaster if available, or the design company. What you really need is an independent evaluation of the complete website, seen through the eyes of a potential new customer.

Using the services of an on-line mystery shopping company can prove vital in the very competitive market you operate in.

On-line Mystery Shopper Services [Quick Tips]

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Becoming a mystery shopper for business websites, demands an understanding of how websites work and what could be wrong when issues arise. Business mystery shopping should not be consider a quick way to make money, it does demand a good reputation, and close working together with the company. Internet mystery shopping is a specialised area and every customer is different with unique requirements.

After a detail survey as a potential customer this important information is sent to the relevant department for any changes or suggestions to be made. The service is not expensive, but the benefits to a company can be significant. Use the contact form and send your details and any requirements you have.

Using a mystery visitor to evaluate a business website.

You know your website, you know how it works, but what do your potential customers think? Using a virtual website mystery shopper to view and test the layout, contents, links, etc may seem a waste of effort, but if you have a visitor to your site, you don’t want to lose them due errors on your website. The mystery shopper can make a significant difference to visitor numbers as problems are located and corrected quickly.

Company websites need an independent evaluation of the operation of the website from time to time. If a website has broken links, it could harm your reputation, worse it could mean lost orders and a customer. Many companies provide a small form with a single field requesting visitors to post details of a broken link.

A simple idea which can help improve the website, and most visitors like to help, but there is a limit. £50 to request a Mystery Shopper visit. Then you have the information you need.


Partnership arrangements between Drachsi and the major providers of traditional Mystery Shopping Services is normal. This is a rapidly expanding area for existing companies.

On-line Mystery Shoppers

A virtual Mystery Shopper needs to be an experienced user of the Internet, and can bring ideas and solutions to any problems that exist. Have you viewed your website from outside the company on another computer and browser recently? See the Wikipedia article on Mystery Shopping with a clear definition, this can be translated into a virtual Internet shopper visiting your website. An independent website evaluation has nothing to do with design.

Shopping example

A real life example. A company spent a lot of time and money creating an excellent web page for a major event. All the details about the event were listed, what was missing?, a link back to the main website home page. Every page created on a website is a stand alone item, that is indexed by the search engines. How many lost visitors and potential customers did this cost the company? Only time will tell.

Mystery Shopping Services

A mystery shopper visit is highly rated by many leading departmental stores as a means of detecting customer experiences, customer service and potential problems. As nobody knows who the shopper is, all are treated the same as a normal shopper. The same is for your website shopper. This is very different from a website review which is more concerned with the visual look of a site. This may also be called a “Mystery Customer or Secret Shopper”

The results, ideas and solutions can benefit your company immediately. An independent mystery shopper could be your solution to increased sales. Part of your continuous improvement program for your website.

Search Engine Sitemap’s

Part of the secret shopper results is how your website provides information to the search engine bots that index a website. this is an often overlook error.

On-line Mystery Shopping

Just about every company has a website. Created internally or externally by professionals or “somebody that does web design” But, do you really know what is going on when a visitor reaches your site? Many companies do not offer website monitoring or view the site through the eyes of a potential customer. Why not find out what is possible.

Customers come and go at the click of a button, so you have certain they can find what they want and make a purchase through your e-commerce section, or send an email. Many companies still do not use a form, just an email link, which encourages spam harvesters programs and increase the work load of your support staff.

This shopping service is different

Normally a company providing mystery shopping services sets the standards agreed with the customer. The shopper may make notes or use a PDA and sends in a report. On-line MS (mystery shopping) is very different, because every website is different and a good knowledge of Internet standards is critical. This is all part of your business website promotion, but from a potential customers point of view. Maximise the investment you have made in your website.

Interested? then visit the dedicated Mystery Shopping website and make an appointment.


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Been to your website lately?
Been to your website lately?
Been to your website lately?