Is your website an asset or a liability?

Is a website an asset or liability?

The Internet as it used to be.

Since the Internet started in the late nineties it has transformed every facet of our lives. It started with the email service; it was a marvellous experience to send an email and receive a reply instantly, one could even send a document as an attachment rather than use a fax machine.

A small business could create an on-line presence through a website and reach out to prospects in an entirely different location that would not have been possible otherwise. To say the very least, the Internet has revolutionised and transformed everybody’s lives and the way business is done.

The Internet now

There are now billions of small businesses websites hosted on the internet; however, most of these small businesses do not really have information on the procedure for making a website work for a business. Without knowledge of running an on-line presence, the site becomes a liability rather than an asset.

Consequently, to carry out routine maintenance and updates that are required for optimal function and exposure of the website becomes a problem; renewal of domain and hosting too becomes an issue. The site may even be down for days without the owner knowing because the impact of the website on the business is minimal.

To understand the impact of a website on a business, it is good to ask a few Management questions.

  • When did I last receive a phone call that found my business on-line?
  • When was the last time I received an enquiry email because of the website?
  • Have I ever got an order that started from my site?

Take the £50.00 challenge and see how your website really is seen by customers.

Its the money

A website should pay for itself

A site should at least pay for itself and create an additional income stream for a business. If the answers to the questions above are not encouraging; it would be a good idea to analyse the philosophy behind an on-line presence and the procedure to make it work for your business.

The primary goal of a website is not to make sales but to generate sales leads. A lead will eventually be converted to a sale if handled correctly. It is not possible to generate a business lead without exposure; therefore, promotion and marketing are an absolute must.

On-line Management

A site should be run in the same way a business is managed; there ought to be a budget, a budget for marketing; a budget for website updates and maintenance which can include design updates, and fixing of technical issues as they arise.

A website is vital; it does not require a standby developer, at significant cost reporting every day. All the processes of promotion, content update and maintenance can be outsourced to Drachsi, even if you have a limited budget.

Take the proactive steps above to transform your website from a liability to an asset. Your website has the potential of expanding your business to a level way beyond your imagination.

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Final Comment

A site has costs, but it also has a value. This value and the brand can be valued, and added as an asset in company and business accounts. Ask your Accountant for details, could boost the value of your business.