Business Directories are important

Why listings in Business Directories are important

Many businesses have a website, and everybody knows how hard it is be found in the top pages of search results. For many this is a full time job, using a wide range of SEO methods to spread information on the company, but the most effective and lasting is a listing in local business directories. This seems one area often overlooked by marketing professionals judging by the number of companies not listed. It is ok using social media, ie. Facebook, Twitter etc., but the benefits can be relatively short term.

It may seem impossible that something that is free, can double the chances of being found in search results. How does it work?

Listings in Business Directories

Local Business DirectoriesA business website will always struggle to achieve top listings in search results, unless a lot of time and effort are made, and updates made often. A way around this is getting listed in dedicated business directories. The Northampton Business Directory provides a good example for a fully featured business listing and it is free.

For the UK in Google type “Northants Horse Trader Magazine” and the  first three after the adverts are for the company, the Northampton Business Directory listing is number 6. So there has been an increase in exposure for just a little time and effort and it is long lasting. Added to that, the listing provides the visitor and customer the opportunity to rate the business with a review. The listing can be updated whenever required.

There are thousands of Directories and careful decisions have to made about which to use. Some last only for a short time and then must be renewed, others limit the control and information, some don’t allow a link back to your business website ( one of the major benefits) many do not allow changes to be made, and are not really free.