How to build a sales network

How to manage and control a sales network

For a small company owner, increasing sales can be a major challenge. More often than not, the owner is the sales person. But there comes a point in every company’s growth, where additional staff are needed, and sales are normally one of the first. Using affiliates could be the solution.

There is a solution that maintains company control over the sales process that is highly cost effective. You may have heard of Affiliate Marketing and dismissed this as not for you. But wait a moment, using existing solutions it is possible to gradually build an Internet based network of sales staff, that can be managed and controlled from your company. You may ask What is affiliate marketing? There is a good description and some sound advice for all types of company owners, sales management, marketing agencies and web design companies.


Often confused with spam marketing there is still a good reason to consider the solution. Every sale costs money, so how would you value the benefits of a new sales source that you owned and controlled, paying a fixed amount or maybe a percentage? The great advantage is that you only pay when you already have the sale, so this reduces cash flow problems. At least it is worth considering.