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Everybody knows that Google is the number one search engine for multiple languages. Preparing and supporting any website for successful inclusion in Google and also Bing demands attention to certain aspects of any website. Many important steps are often missed due to time constraints or knowledge. Here are some videos produced by Google to get you on the way to a better Page ranking. Other links will be provided.



And another very useful guide. All you need is plenty of time, but you cannot say Google is not trying to help.

As can been seen, the videos provide an excellent guide to boost the possibility of your page results showing higher in the search results.

Business marketing video

Here is very simple video that can be made using many free tools, and PowerPoint. The benefits are that it is yet another possibility for your potential customers to find you.

There are literally millions of self help SEO videos from the major search engines and private individuals and companies. What is important that the information is used to increase the chances of a single website standing out from all the other websites, and reach near to the top in searches for your top keyword. Google and other search engines rely on Keywords, Titles, Description, links, published date, content, plus other factors to make a decision how to classify a site and where to place the results in the returned search pages.

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