Website Directory for free business promotion

Not everybody needs a website directory
Not everybody needs to be in a Website Directory

How a Directory can help most businesses?

A Business Directory that is limited to certain types of companies and individuals, involved in specific areas, or trades, such as website promotion, or hospitalities is the best.

You found this page, so you may have searched for, website directory, free website directory, website design directory, website promotion, website optimisation, search engine submission, that is why you are now reading this.

If somebody searches for your business, will your company be found? If you are listed in a local or dedicated Directory it provides better qualified links to your company website. The collective benefits of a dedicate Directory can help boost page ranking.

A good example of a Business Website Directory.

The local Business Directory for Northamptonshire is a good example. It is for a single location, Northamptonshire, specifically to all types of businesses located in the area.

If your company exports there is a free Exporters Directory that can be used to present your company products to the world. Every company submitting a link benefits from a highly active website with a range of benefits to companies.

Two other Directories under construction are also dedicated to a particular type of business. Because customers know that the Directories will have the type of business they are looking for. Examples are and

Once the Directories are listed in Google, which we make sure of every week, so any links added will also benefit from being indexed and benefit your business. Creating a Directory for a specific topic or locality can be a challenge, and a lot of fun.

Most owners do not yet understand the many benefits of Directory listings. The Northamptonshire Directory shows what can be done with a specialised Directory. Another good example would be for all the agents and distributors of a business to be listed in a private directory so only selected agents and distributors could be listed.

This would help Google and Bing etc., locate and index all related companies, to the benefit of all. A managed Directory is the solution to many linking problems.

Need something like this for your company or organisation?, make contact and we will offer a proposal that meets your requirements and is price competitive.