Who cares?

Who cares about your website? Often the answer is nobody.

We use Google Analytics to understand what our visitors are interested in and what they do. Originating country is always of interest as it confirms if we are targeting our pages correctly. Naturally English language pages will always attract visitors from America, and this is always number one.

What is strange is The Netherlands is in front of the UK, with India very close behind. In the UK, London dominates the visitors, so who cares?.

Why should a country where English is a second language, show more interest in the type of small business website services offered by Drachsi? It seems to have to do with interest or lack of them in the UK, other nationalities view more pages than the English.

Some guess work here, The average UK business owner or manager has little knowledge of the company website, and is not interested in improving, promoting, marketing or supporting their on-line business website, because spending money on something not understood does not make sense! Many companies view the website as a liability not an asset.

Who cares about a website

A very simple poll shows that 60% of owners or company managers have never looked at their website for a long time.

Who is responsible for the business website?

This question is not top of the list at management meetings, or even listed. Considered by many successful companies as the single most important asset, available 24 hours a day, bring in new customers. Marketing needs a good website, sales needs a good website, customer support needs a good website, don’t forget the customer they need a good website or in 8 seconds they have gone to a competitor.

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